Living Outside Of The Lines

There are some things that we all are good at life and others that are a struggle. I have always been a horrible driver. I actually failed my driving test in high school which was pretty awful as a 17 year old girl waiting for her freedom. But after that failure, I was determined and my mom and I spent hours and hours at the driving course practicing and practicing until I passed that damn test.  After living in New York City and Hoboken for a good 10 years I was spoiled because I didn't have to drive! I love mass transit, I really do. Well it just happens that I ended up marrying a guy who loves to drive and loves cars. They are his passion.

Marriage is a partnership and we each bring our strengths, driving and taking care of our cars is not one of mine so I'm thankful that’s in my husbands "column".  So this past weekend he "schooled" me to the fact that I parked my car in the church parking lot so badly I was actually taking up 2 spaces. So what did he do? He re-parked my car for me! I mean, that's love. It drives him crazy that I don't care enough to park inside the lines. "Take 2 seconds and fix it!" and then I laugh and tell him, "But I don't care!  Who cares if I park inside the lines, or a little bit outside? "  Our kids then jumped on the bandwagon to tell me how bad a parking job I did which was embarrassing but I still DON'T CARE!  

I have been waiting for some inspiration for my next blog post and this funny marital spat was it. I don't want to live my life parking inside the lines. Life is messy. We are not perfect. Life is so much more fun in the grey and the "live out loud color" than black and white lines. Sure there are some things in life that need to be inside the lines, like our taxes, or making sure you pay your mortgage on time (all things also in my husband's column!)..but life with a capital "L" is exciting and messy. In the world of social media it's so easy to see perfection because we get to edit and retouch our lives or selfies to what we want the world to see. I think imperfection is so much more beautiful. So embrace your imperfection today. Park outside of the lines. Live outside of the lines. Not sure how to do that? Message me. That's what coaches are for. I promise I won't park next to you :)