Holy Cannoli


It’s the Day after Easter am. A glorious day of sunshine, worship, food, wine and cannoli’s. So why am I feeling so down? Oh just the typical morning after a holiday shaming myself on the scale.

You know that moment too well.  Why are we so obsessed as a species about a number on a scale? I’m still trying to figure that out myself.

Instead of continuing down the shame game, I took a deep breath and thought- what have I done before that really worked for me? Discipline, consistency, tracking my food intake. So here I go. Using one of the many helpful diet apps to track my calories, food and exercise. If I have time to complain, then I have time to do something about it.

Think back to a time when you handled a similar situation and had a positive result. What tools did you use that made it work?  Try it! If it worked before, it can work again.

So if Brene Brown and my Italian Grandma Garaio could give us all advice today they would say:  Stop shaming yourself, you are good enough, and you deserve to eat Cannoli’s!