What's standing in your way?

5 years ago, on March 13th I had one of the worst and best nights of my life. It was the night before my 2nd son, Charlie Joseph was born. I went to the hospital at 1am and they sent me back home not being dilated enough at that time. So instead of a highly organized and pain free induced birth like I had with my son Oliver, this one was full out labor all night long, in my bed, while my husband happily slept. WOW. the Pain. Just insane. Fast forward through the gory details to 8:30am we drove back to the hospital. I'm sheet white, throwing up, can't speak. I finally get in a wheel chair and a very kind and funny nurse takes one look at me and says: "honey, if you are gonna have this baby today, you are gonna have to take your pants off first!" I laughed through tears and then proceeded to throw up on her. But what ironic wisdom in that moment! I mean I couldn't think straight. I needed an epidural like nothing else. But before this little gorgeous sweet Mama's boy could come out, I seriously did need to remove the thing that was blocking his way! My pants. It just struck me while reading "You are a Badass", by Jen Sincero. She talks about removing your obstacles. Changing your stories. But what's standing in your way? It seems so simple. Take off your damn pants because that baby is just about ready to come out.  What are you ready to give birth to today? An awesome song? A new novel? A kick-ass business idea? The fastest mile you've ever run? What are you waiting for? Take off your damn pants and get it done! You got this.